Do you have large files of phone numbers and need to know which are cell phone numbers and which are not? We can help. We offer two different options for batch processing your phone files:


OPTION 1: Distinguish by Area Code, Prefix & Other Parameters

OVERVIEW: This option relies on checking the area code, prefix and first number of the last 4 digits to determine if a phone is a landline or cell based on its original assignment in the North American Numbering plan. It is identical to the free public search at


(NOTE: This option does NOT check to see if the phone number has been ported from a landline to a cell phone. For customers needing TCPA compliance, this could allow cell phone numbers to be misidentified as landlines and thus create a possible TCPA violation. If this is a concern, please see Option 2 below.)


HOW IT WORKS: You provide us with your file in tab-delimited CSV format. Your numbers must come with either “leading 1s” or without “leading 1s” BUT NOT BOTH. For example, 12123334444 or 2123334444. We will process your file and return two files to you: One with all cell phone numbers; the other with all non-cell phone numbers.


COST: The cost is 1 cent per number processed with a $75 minimum per batch. There is no limit on the quantity of numbers we can process. Pre-payment is required via Paypal before processing.


OPTION 2: Check if Phone Number Has Been Ported

OVERVIEW: This option includes Option 1 above PLUS it checks to see if the phone number has been ported. If it has been ported, the ported line-type trumps the original line type. For example, a phone number that was a landline that has been ported to cell phone service will show as a cell phone. This provides assurance that a mobile number will not accidentally be contacted in violation of the TCPA. Please also note that this option does not include processing through our proprietary database of phone company name changes that is seen through our free public website. This will have no effect on the accuracy of identification of wired versus wireless lines, just the name of the phone company.


HOW IT WORKS: You provide us with a tab-delimited CSV file, with your phone numbers, one number per row. The phone numbers MUST start with a leading “1”. We process it and return to you a single CSV file that has 6 columns:


Phone Number | Is wireless? Y/N | Carrier ID | Carrier | Country | Status


12125551234 | Y | 5| Verizon | US | OK


COST: 1.5 cents per number with a $75 minimum per batch. There is no limit on the quantity of numbers we can process. Pre-payment is required before processing.



  • Sorry, we do not offer Do Not Call list scrubbing.
  • Works with U.S. based phone numbers only
  • Although we do not currently offer an API, one is under consideration due to numerous requests. This site will be updated with API information when it is available.
  • Payment required via Paypal. When you know the total number of phone numbers in your file, we can compute the actual cost.
  • You must agree to our Batch Terms of Service before processing can begin.
  • You may test the quality of our data at our free site,
  • For questions or to get started, please contact us here.

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