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What is Virtual Terminal?

  • A virtual terminal is an online payment system that makes it quick and easy to accept cards over the phone. When a customer calls to place an order, you log in to a secure payment page and enter their card details.
  • This card processing solution is popular with call centers, takeaways, florists, wholesalers or any business where the customer calls up to pay.
  • Business that takes Mail Orders and Telephone orders or for the telemarketing setup, Virtual terminal is the best solution available
  • We have Virtual terminal available for Technical Support Business both Inbound and Outbound.

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    What is Third Party Merchant Account?

    Third party merchant accounts may be easier to set up as well. When a person signs up for a third party merchant account, he may be given links to places on his website or given a virtual terminal. His customers may then click one of these links to purchase a product or service and go to the third party processor’s site to complete his transaction. In some cases, a business owner may use a shopping cart on his site for third party credit card processing. When the customer submits the order, however, the payment information is still sent to the third party merchant account provider for processing.


    When a business owner uses a third party merchant account provider, his customers’ orders are usually sent securely to the payment processor’s final payment page. This means there is less chance for a customer’s private information to fall into the wrong hands. The final page the customer goes to when completing his payment typically has the payment processor’s company name on it, however. As such, customers are aware that the business is using a third party merchant account rather than its own merchant account.


    There are fees typically associated with a third party merchant account as well. Often, a business owner is charged a fee with every transaction. For example, he may be charged a percentage of the price of the goods or services he’s sold. In some cases, however, he may be charged a flat rate for transactions instead. Sometimes a business owner may also face monthly service fees or charges that cover credit card refund fees. Account fees may vary from provider to provider, however.


    Payment Cycle

    Monthly, Fortnightly, Weekly

    Merchant Account, Payment Gateways, Virtual Terminal, Echecks, Check21, Wire Transfer options are available for Technical Support Business


    Note: E-check, Wire Transfers options are also available however that will be considered as different Merchant Code

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